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----- Information for Halverson’s Astronomy students.
----- My resume, my publications and other information about myself..
----- Information for my old students at Stern MASS, a fabulous high school on the campus of Cal State LA.

I am now teaching Astro 5 (Introduxtory Astronomy) at Mount San Antonio College, aka Mt SAC.

Mt SAC’s Earth Sciences and Astronomy, Physics and Engineering departments are GREAT!
Students get a solid academic foundation in, do projects and succesfully apply their skills as transfer students to CSU and UC school or go straight to good jobs.

Update: The Stern MASS Engineering Club telescope WORKS! This picture of the moon was taken by Adrian De La Torre using his phone, pointing through the telescope’s eyepiece. We’re working on a handy phone holder to make it easy to take pictures like this. I personally want good pictures of Jupiter and Saturn.

Pasted Graphic 1

Picture from my Physics class, Fall 2014. How often do you see students hammering their teacher?
My head was protected by inertia. Newton's 1st Law.