The first publication in this list is one that John Breault (who was a student at that time) and I were primarily responsible for. Other papers were written by the physicists of the IMB and Super-Kamiokande collaborations that I belonged to.

"New magnetic monopole flux limits from the IMB proton decay detector," Becker-Szendy, R. et al. Physical Review D (Particles and Fields), Volume 49, Issue 5, 1 March 1994, pp.2169-2173
"Constraints on Neutrino Oscillation Parameters from the Measurement of Day-Night Solar Neutrino Fluxes at Super-Kamiokande," Fukuda, Y., et al., Physical Review Letters, V.82, No. 9, 1999, p. 1810-1814
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"Atmospheric Muon Neutrino Fraction above 1 GeV," Clark, R. et al., Physical Review Letters, V. 79, No. 14, p.2754, 1997
Complete list of Halverson publications while at UCI