Halverson’s Physics Videos
(Chapter numbers connect to Conceptual Physics by Hewitt, Prectice-Hall, 2009 edition)

Chapter 5, Projectile Motion

Watch this video and try to answer the question in your mind: Will the bullet hit the monkey?

OK… Find out if you are right!

Chapter 25, Vibrations and Waves

Vibrations, oscillators, harmonic motion. (Video 25.1)

Waves, wavelength, frequency. (Video 25.2)

Two type of waves: Longitudinal and Transverse. (Video 25.3)

Some strange things about waves: Superposition and Interference. (Video 25.4)

What happens when a wave source moves fast? How do police radar guns catch speeders? The Doppler Effect. (Video 25.5)

Chapter 26, Sound

What are sound waves? Frequency? Pitch? (Video 26.1)

Measuring the speed of sound. (Video 26.2)

Sound reflections, refraction, forced vibrations and harmonics. (Video 26.3)

Chapter 37, Electromagnetic Induction

How can the power company ship energy hundreds of miles to our homes? Transformers! (Video 37.3)
(This was my very first video. The quality is not so good, but what the heck…)