In engineering and science, we need some tools for processing large amounts of data. These tools are called Number Utilities or Numerical Utilities. There are many collections of tools, such as MatLab, PAW (Physics Analysis Workstation), but one that is free and easy to use with Pyhton and XGraph is Num-Utils. The information page for Num-Utils is here:

Unfortunately, these utilities must be re-compiled for every different type of computer. But that’s not too hard to do, and I did it for my students who are using Mac OSX version 10.8

Instructions for my students:

1) Get the utilities from here:

2) Open your Downloads folder and double-click the downloaded file it to unpack it. It will create a folder called “numutils”

3) Drag the numutils folder to your home folder.

3) At this point it should work OK.

To test it, start the Terminal
cd ~ #Make sure we start in the home folder
cd numutils
cd examples
#You should get two xgraph plots.

Note: You might get an error from xgraph. To fix this error,
go into your xgraph folder, delete xgraph, copy xgraph_old_otk to xgraph