Example for using the LabJack U3-LV using ezu3
Example of how to use tgraphlib
Simple graphics library. (Old version)
Simple graphics library. Optionally exports to xgraph.
Example of how to use the tgraphlibx library.
Temperature recorder using LM34 sensor
Add-on programs for xgraph. I like the histogramming utility.
Library for using the LabJack U3-LV. Noew supports to the DB-15 connector. You now have more inputs and outputs.
Example using the 15 pin D connector
Oscilloscope made from LabJack U3-LV. Super simple. Just one channel.
Simple graphics with multiple plots. Makes xgraph files.
Example using tgraphlibxyy
Temperature recorder using three LM34 sensors
Human Stability. Is there a difference between men and women?
Pig Latin program (for final exam)
Add-on for Python to be able to make beeps and sounds
Make graphs oscilloscope-style. Easy to adapt to the LabJack U3. Also exports data to xgraph.
Graphics library for multi-channel oscilloscope.
Multi-channel oscilloscope using LJU3. (Slow! 2 Hz max.)
A "sleep" function that will stay on time
Code to keep an average of a number of recent data
Mullti-channel averaging of recent data
Senses a sudden change in voltage in any sensor
Measure battery's voltage, power and energy output
Measure & record three temperatures. (With optional time-of-day)
Measure & record multiple Voltages. (Fast)
Tic-tac-toe game in python. (Needs to be cleaned up)
Tic-tac-toe database. Not finished but its easy to add to it.
Code to test the telescope hand controller that Boris made.
Code to control the azimuth and elevation motors.
Control telescope with hand controller