Verilog Notes.           Peter Halverson Last update 3/13/2020

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These are Halverson's personal notes. They are unedited and there is no guarantee of accuracy.  Use at your own risk. I am making them available to you because they might actually be helpful.  If they are helpful, I would really appreciate a "thank you". 

Currently learning on NandLand board.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for beginners!!!

Ideas for next-steps in development boards

Lattice ECP-5 Development Board.  $100 Uses Lattice Diamond software.

Lattice ICE40 Ultraplus breakout board  $50
or  iCE40 UltraPlus MDP IoT connectivity and computing development platform $100

Fast ADC:   Analog Devices LTC2274.    105 MHz, 16 bits

Development board DC1151A-C 70 MHz, 16 bit.   $200 (There is a $300 usb interface for it)

Digikey has a good list of ADC evaluation boards.  Select the "active" ones.

Operators:  Basic Math: + - * /  Modulus % Power (exponent) **

Comparison:  Basic: < > >= <=    Equal: == Not equal: !=   ?: === !===

Bitwise:  Not: ~ And : &  Or: | Xor: ^ Xnor: ^~ or ~^

Concatenation: { , }

USEFUL!    Strict checking of whether wires/registers have been properly declared:
`default_nettype none     // Use this to find undeclared wires.  Remove later.

Discussion of System Verilog:

Discussion of data types in Verilog:

Discussions of signed arithmetic:           (Useful comments about how signed numbers are converted to unsigned by adding an extra bit.)

Series of lectures on Verilog:

Another lecture on Verilog (from MIT)